Summit Townhomes for Sale


21 Freebern Rd (Building E)- Asking $165,000

2 Bedroom-2 1/2 Baths

This beautifully decorated Townhome comes with flat screen T.V.'s in the living room and bedrooms. this is perfect for 2-3 couples or any family type. Unit has been updated with paint, carpet, tile, furniture etc...MUST SEE, see photos....The complex has a indoor pool, sauna, rec center and more!



21-E entrance. jpg.JPG


21-E Kitchen. jpg.JPG

Living Room/Dining Area

21-E Living room. jpg.JPG

Living Room/Fireplace

21-E Living room-fireplace. jpg.jpg

Dining Room/Bar/Kitchen Area

21-E Dining room-kitchen. jpg.JPG


21-E stairwell.JPG

Master Bedroom

21E- Mstr. Bedroom.JPG

Master Bedroom

21-E Mater Bedoom- t.v. jpg.JPG

2nd Bedroom

21E- 2nd Bedroom.JPG

Half Bath Downstairs

21-E Half Bath. jpg.JPG

Hall Bath Upstairs

21-E Hall Bathroom. jpg.JPG

21-E stairwell.JPG


43 Summit Rd. (Building O)- Asking $149,000

2 Bedroom town home- 2 Baths w/ Jacuzzi.


43-O entrance.JPG


43-O foyer.JPG


43-O kitchen.JPG

Living Room Dining Area

43-O living room.JPG

Living Room Fireplace

43-O living room-fireplace.JPG


43-O stairwell.JPG

Master Bedroom

43-O master bedroom.JPG


2nd Bedroom

43-O 2nd bedroom.JPG



51 Summit Ridge. (Building P) - Price Reduced to.....$144,000 Homeowner motivated to Sell!

2 Bedroom town home - 2 Bath w/Jacuzzi. Beautifully Decorated. Wood burning fireplace.


51-P entrance. jpg.JPG


51-P kitchen.JPG

Kitchen /Dining Area

51-P kitchen-dining room.JPG

Living Room/Dining Area

51-P dining room-living.JPG


51-P stairwell. jpg.JPG

Living room/Fireplace

51-P fireplace.JPG

Master Bedroom

51-P master bedroom.JPG

2nd Bedroom

51-P 2nd bedroom.JPG


55 Summit Ridge. (Building P)-Reduced to $149,000!!! STOP BY TO TAKE A LOOK, ANYTIME!

2 Bedroom town home- 2 Full Baths w/ Jacuzzi. Very Nicely decorated. In great shape. Wood burning fireplace. Easy access parking. Back yard off deck.


55-P enrance. jpg.JPG

Kitchen 55-P Summit-Kitchen.jpg

Dining Area

55S- dining room.JPG

Living Area

55-P Summit-Livingroom.jpg

Living Room/Fireplace



55P master bedroom 1.JPG

2nd Bedroom

55P 2nd bedroom.JPG


55P jacuzzi.JPG




2 Summit Ridge (Bldg M)- Asking $179,000........ Homeowner Motivated to Sell!

3 Bedroom -2 Baths w/ Jacuzzi. End unit with a nice view, close to parking and is in good shape!



2M- entrance.JPG




2M- foyer.JPG


2M- kitchen.JPG

Kitchen Bar Area

2M- kitchen dining room.JPG

Living Room/Dining Area

2M- living room dining.JPG

Living Room Fireplace

2M- living room fireplace.JPG

Master Bedroom

2M master bedroom.JPG

2nd Bedroom

2M- 2nd bedroom.JPG

3rd Bedroom

2M- 3rd bedroom.JPG

Master Bathroom & Jacuzzi

2M- master bath jacuzzi.JPG

Downstairs Bathraoom

2M- downstairs bath.JPG




6Summit Ridge (Bldg. M)- Asking $178,500

3 Bedroom-2 Baths w/Jaccuzzi.

This comfortably furnished unit has a wide screen television in the living room and a great view of surrounding mountains off the upper & lower deck of the townhome.Air conditioning in the living room and master bedroom. Free wireless internet service throughout the unit. Jacuzzi tub with a great view. .



6-M entrance.JPG


6-M kitchen.JPG

Kitchen/Dining Room

6-M kitchen-diningroom.JPG

Living room/Dining Room

6-M living room. jpg.jpg

Living Room

6-M living room-fireplace. jpg.jpg

Master Bedroom

6M master bedroom 1.JPG






Master Bedroom

6M master bedroom.JPG

2nd Bedroom

6-M 2nd bedroom. jpg.JPG

3rd Bedroom

6-M 3rd bedroom. jpg.JPG


6-M Jacuzzi. jpg.JPG

Downstairs Bath

6-M downstairs bath. jpg.JPG

Upstairs Bath

6-M upstairs bath. jpg.JPG


39 Summit Ridge. (Building O)- Asking $180,000

3 Bedroom Townhome 2 Full Baths w/Jacuzzi.This easy access unit has nice features such as pine doors, shuttle service right out the front door and convenient parking.


39-O entrance. jpg.JPG


39-O Kitchen. jpg.JPG

Kitchen/Dining Area

39-O kitchen diningroom.JPG

Dining Area

39-O Dining Room. jpg.JPG

Living Room/Dining Area

39-O living room. jpg.JPG

Living Room/Fireplace

39-O livingroom.JPG

Master Bedroom

39-O Master bedroom. jpg.JPG

2nd Bedroom

39-O 2nd bedroom.JPG

3rd Bedroom

39-O 3rd bedroom.JPG

Downstairs Bathroom

39-O downstairs bathroom. jpg.JPG

Upstairs Hall Bath w/ Jacuzzi

39-O Upstairs bath.JPG


39-O jacuzzi.JPG









70 Freebern Rd. (Building I)- Asking $185,000

3 Bedroom 2 1/2 Baths, Non Jacuzzi- This townhome has a great deck view of surrounding mountains. I'ts a very comfortable and well decorated unit, suitable for any type of family.



70-I entrance. jpg.JPG


70-I foyer. jpg.JPG

Kitchen/Bar Area

70-I Kitchen.jpg

Dining Room

70-I dining room. jpg.JPG

Dining/Kitchen/Bar Area

70-I kitchen-dining room. jpg.JPG

Living Room Dining Area

70-I Living room-Dining. jpg.JPG

Living Room

70-I Living room.jpg


70-I fireplace. jpg.JPG

Master Bedroom


2nd Bedroom


3rd Bedroom


Downstairs Half Bath

70-I downstairs bath. jpg.JPG

Master Bathroom

70-I master bath. jpg.JPG

Upstairs Hallway Bath

70-I upstairs hall bath. jpg.JPG




4 BEDROOM- 3 1/2 Baths w/ Jacuzzi.....

68 & 68A FREEBERN RD- (BUILDING I) ASKING $275,000: This end unit consists of a 3 Bedroom and a 1 Bedroom unit with an adjoining door. It has 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms....etc. It has on the of the best views on site AND is great for multi-families or 4 to 6 couples.

Entrance to both the 3 Bedroom (L) & 1 Bedroom (R)

68AF- entrance.JPG

Foyer to the 3 Bedroom Portion

68I- foyer.JPG

Kitchen of the 3 Bedroom Unit

68- kitchen.JPG


Kitchen & Dining Area of the 3 Bedroom Unit
68 Dining.jpg

Living Room Area of the 3 Bedroom Unit

68 Living Rm.jpg

Master Bedroom of the 3 Bedroom

68 Master.jpg

Master Bedroom of the 3 Bedroom Unit

68 Master2.jpg

2nd Bedroom of the 3 Bedroom Unit

68 Bedroom 2.jpg

3rd Bedroom of the 3 Bedroom Unit


Downstairs Bathroom of the 3 Bedroom Unit

68I- downstairs bath.JPG

Master Bath & Jacuzzi of the 3 Bedroom Unit

68I- Jacuzzi and Master bath.JPG

Jacuzzi in the 3 Bedroom Unit

68 Jacuzzi.jpg

Living Room & Dining Area of the 1 Bedroom Unit

68A- living room.JPG

Dining Area of the 1 Bedroom Unit

68a Dining area.jpg

Kitchen of the 1 Bedroom


Master Bedroom of the 1 Bedroom Portion

68a Master 2.jpg

Master Bedroom of the 1 Bedroom

68A- Master Bedroom fireplace.JPG

Master Bathroom of the 1 Bedroom Unit

68A- Master Bath.JPG





On Site Community Center - Indoor Pool – Sauna - Game Room*ALL TOWNHOUSES ARE BEING SOLD FURNISHED(Including Furniture, Pots-Pans, Silverware, Washer/Dryer, Microwave, Etc. -Some personal items may be excluded - List to be provided)RCI Affiliation is possible allowing Summit Owners to trade their townhousefor vacations world wide. Ask for details!

P.O. Box 20 - North Creek, N.Y. 12853On Site Management Office - Community Center #33 (518) 251-4180 (Rentals & Sales Office)Erwin Morris / Licensed Real Estate Broker (518) 251-5809

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