Summit Townhomes for Sale



3 Summit Ridge Rd. (Building J)- Asking a Reduced Price of $130,000 SOLD!!!

2 Bedroom- 1 1/2 Baths w/ Jacuzzi 

This is a very comfortable 2 Bedroom unit centrally located on the Summit Property with a nice view. Wood burning fire place and a Jacuzzi.



3-J entrance. jpg.JPG 


 3J- Kichen NEW.JPG


 3J- Kitchen bar Area NEW.jpg

                                Kitchen/Bar Area

 3J- Dining Kitchen Area NEW.JPG

                                   Living Room

3J- living-dining.jpg

                        Living Room

 3J- living room 1 new.JPG

                                    Master Bedroom

 3J-Mmaster Bedroom new.JPG

                         2nd Bedroom

3J- 2nd bedroom.jpg

                                       Master Bath

 3-J master bath. jpg.JPG


 3-J Jacuzzi. jpg.JPG

                              Half Bath Downstairs

3-J half bath. jpg.JPG


 4 Summit Ridge Rd (Building M) - Re-listed at A Reduced Price of $139,900- Owner VERY Motivated!

 2 Bedroom- 2 Baths w/ Jacuzzi


                               Mountain Views

4M- deck view.jpg 

                       Mountain Views4M- view 2.jpg


                             Mountain Views4M- back deck.jpg 


 4M stairwell.jpg


 4M- foyer.jpg

                                  Living Room

4M living area.jpg

                         Living Room Dining Area

4M living and dining room.jpg

                                Kitchen Bar Area


                           Master Bedroom

 4M- master bedroom.jpg

                                     Master Bedroom

 4M master bedroom 1.jpg

                            2nd Bedroom

4M 2nd bedroom.jpg

                            Jacuzzi w/ a View

 4M jacuzzi.jpg


                            Downstairs Bathroom

 4M- dnstrs. bath.jpg


21 Freebern Rd (Building E)- NOW Asking $157,500

2 Bedroom-2 1/2 Baths

This beautifully decorated Townhome comes with flat screen T.V.’s in the living room and bedrooms. this is perfect for 2-3 couples or any family type. Unit has been updated with paint, carpet, tile, furniture etc.....MUST SEE, see photos....The complex has a indoor pool, sauna, rec center and more!



21-E entrance. jpg.JPG


21-E Kitchen. jpg.JPG

                          Living Room/Dining Area

21-E Living room. jpg.JPG

                          Living Room/Fireplace

21-E Living room-fireplace. jpg.jpg

                      Dining Room/Bar/Kitchen Area

21-E Dining room-kitchen. jpg.JPG


21-E stairwell.JPG

                       Master Bedroom

21E- Mstr. Bedroom.JPG

                       Master Bedroom

21-E Mater Bedoom- t.v. jpg.JPG

                               2nd Bedroom

21E- 2nd Bedroom.JPG

                        Half Bath Downstairs

21-E Half Bath. jpg.JPG

                        Hall Bath Upstairs

21-E Hall Bathroom. jpg.JPG

21-E stairwell.JPG


 23 Freebern Rd (Bldg. E)- NOW Asking $169,900 Many upgrades have been done! You have to see it in person! 

                           Outside Entrance

23-E entrance. jpg.JPG 

            Foyer Area

23E-Entryway upright.jpg 

                                      Full Kitchen

23- Kitchen newest.JPG

                         Kitchen Area

23E- Kitchen close up newest.JPG

                       Living Room Dining Area

23E- Living Room Dining newest.JPG

                 Living Room Fireplace Area

 23E- Fireplace wall newest.JPG

                                  Master Bedroom

23E- Master bedroom 1 newest.JPG

                    Master Bedroom

 23E- Mstr Bdrm newest.JPG

                                2nd Bedroom

23E- 2nd Bedroom newest.JPG

                                   2nd Bedroom

 23E- 2nd Bdrm newest.JPG

                                Downstairs Bath

 23E- Downstairs Bath- newest.JPG

                          Master Bath

 23E- Master Bath newest.JPG


 23E- Jacuzzi newest.JPG


 23E- Stairwell newest .JPG


 55 Summit Ridge. (Building P)- JUST Reduced to $145,000!!! STOP BY TO TAKE A LOOK, ANYTIME! This is a GREAT DEAL!

2 Bedroom town home- 2 Full Baths w/ Jacuzzi. Very Nicely decorated. In great shape. Wood burning fireplace. Easy access parking. Back yard off deck.

                       Entrance from Lawn Area55P-view from lawn area.jpg                                

55P-entrance NEW.jpg


55P- Kitchen NEW.jpg     

55-P Summit-Kitchen.jpg 

                                   Dining Area

55S- dining room.JPG

                              Living Area

55P- Living Space NEW.jpg

                            Living Room/Fireplace

55P-living room fireplace NEW.jpg

                             Master Bedroom

55P-Master Bedroom NEW.jpg



                               Master Bedroom55P-Master Bedroom1 NEW.jpg                             Master Bedroom

55P-Master Bedroom 1NEW.jpg 


                             2nd Bedroom55P- 2nd bedroom NEW.jpeg                                   Jacuzzi

55P-Jacuzzi NEW.jpg

                             Downstairs Bath

55P-dnstrs Bath 1NEW.jpg 

                             Downstairs Bath

55P- dnstrs bath NEW.jpg 


 55P-foyer NEW.jpg

                          Upstairs Master Bath

55P- Master Bathroom NEW.jpg


 78 Freebern Rd (Bldg I)- Asking $285,000

2 Full Baths w/ a Jacuzzi 

This Beautifully decorated end unit has a great view of Gore’s new chair lift! There are many nice amenities to this unit.  It’s decor’, furnishings and wall coverings give it a warm and inviting feel. You MUST see it in person! Additional pictures located under vacation rental facilities!


78-I entrance. jpg.JPG 


78-I foyer.JPG 

                             Entry into the living room

 78-I entryway hall.JPG


 78I- kitchen window 1 new.JPG


 78I appliances and bar area new.JPG

                            Living Room

 78-I livingroom.JPG

                Living & Dining Room Area  78I Living Room 2-new.JPG

                        Kitchen Bar & Dining Area

 78I Kitchen 3-new.JPG

                                    Master Bedroom

     78-I master bedroom-2.JPG

                               2nd Bedroom

 78I-Kids Room.jpg

 78-I downstairs bath-1.JPG

                             Downstairs Bathroom78I- new Downstairs Bath.JPG

                                        Master Bath

 78I- new Upstairs Bath.JPG

                     Jacuzzi Area and Master Bath

 78-I Jacuzzi.JPG

                          View from the deck  78I- Fall view10-3-13 5.jpg  



6 Summit Ridge (Bldg. M)- Now Asking $164,900

3 Bedroom-2 Baths w/Jacuzzi.

This comfortably furnished unit has a wide screen television in the living room and a great view of surrounding mountains off the upper & lower deck of the town home. Air conditioning in the living room and master bedroom. Free wireless internet service throughout the unit. Jacuzzi tub with a great view. .



6-M entrance.JPG


6-M kitchen.JPG

                              Kitchen/Dining Room

6-M kitchen-diningroom.JPG

                   Living room/Dining Room

6-M living room. jpg.jpg

                              Living Room

6-M living room-fireplace. jpg.jpg

                      Master Bedroom

6M master bedroom 1.JPG






                                  Master Bedroom

6M master bedroom.JPG

                        2nd Bedroom

6-M 2nd bedroom. jpg.JPG

                                       3rd Bedroom

6-M 3rd bedroom. jpg.JPG


6-M Jacuzzi. jpg.JPG

                                Downstairs Bath

6-M downstairs bath. jpg.JPG

                             Upstairs Bath

6-M upstairs bath. jpg.JPG



 10 Freebern Rd. (Building B)- Asking $168,000.....Price Reduced to $149,000. Owner VERY MOTIVATED to sell!!! SOLD!

 3 Bedroom End Unit with 2 1/2 Baths/Non Jacuzzi. Easy Access to parking, Easy walk to the community center where indoor pool, sauna and game room located. Very nicely decorated. Call 518-251-5809 if interested in viewing. 

                                       Foyer10B-foyer NEW.jpg 

                      Kitchen Bar Area10B- bar area new.jpg


10B- kitchen new.jpg

                             Dining Area

10B- dining room new.jpg

                            Living And Dining Area

 10B- living dining NEW.jpg

                        Living Space 

10B- living room NEW.jpg


                            Living Room Fireplace

10B- fireplace new.jpg 


                        Master Bedroom10B- master bedroom new1 (1).jpg

                              Master Bedroom10B- master tv NEW.jpg


                                  2nd Bedroom

10B- 2nd bedroom new1 (2).jpg

                         3rd Bedroom

10B- 3rd bedroom new1 (3).jpg



                       Master Bedroom Bath

 10B- master bath NEW.jpg

                             Upstairs Hall Bath

10B- upstairs bath NEW.jpg

                       Half Bath Downstairs

10B- half bath.JPG

                          Washer/Dryer Area

 10B- washer dryer area NEW.jpg


 18 Summit Ridge Rd. ( Building N)- Asking Price $147,000 SOLD! This nicely decorated town home has a great view of the back side of gore, has upgraded kitchen counter top and flooring and is close to the shuttle bus pick up area.


18-N entrance. jpg.JPG   18-N kitchen.JPG
 18-N dining room kitchen.JPG  18-N living room 2.JPG
 18-N master bedroom.JPG  18N- 2nd bedroom.JPG
 18-N 3rd bedroom.JPG  18-N master bath jacuzzi.JPG
 18-N Jacuzzi. jpg.JPG  18-N view from Jacuzzi. jpg.JPG
 18N- downstairs bath.JPG  





 19 Freebern Rd. (Buidling E)- Asking $150,000 SOLD!

 3 Bedroom Town Home 2 12/ Bath Non/Jacuzzi. This Unit is fairly easy to access and is in very good shape. Was rented for a very short period



19E entrance.JPG 


19E kitchen.JPG

                                Kitchen Dining Area

 19E dining room-kitchen.JPG

                    Living Room Dining Area

19E living room- dining.JPG

                                         Living Room

19E living room-fireplace.JPG

                          Master Bedroom

19E mstr. bedroom.JPG

                                         2nd Bedroom

 19E 2nd bedroom.JPG

                            3rd Bedroom

 19E 3rd bedroom.JPG

                          Hall Bathroom Upstairs

 19E hall bath.JPG

                                     Master Bathroom

 19E mstr. bath.JPG

                           Half Bathroom Downstairs

 19E half bath.jpg


 Unit 25 Summit Ridge (Building L)- Asking $174,900


25-L entrance. jpg.JPG   25-L wrap around deck.jpg.JPG
 25L- foyer.JPG  25L- Kitchen.JPG
 25L-Dining Room Kitchen.JPG  25L- Dining Room.JPG
 25L- living room fireplace.JPG  25L- living room dining room.JPG
 25L- Master Bedroom.JPG  25L- Master Bedroom 1.JPG
 25L- 2nd Bedroom.JPG  25L- 3rd Bedroom.JPG
 25-L Jacuzzi. jpg.JPG  25L- Master Bath - Jacuzzi.JPG
 25-L downstairs bath. jpg.JPG  25-L deck view-2.jpg


 30 Freebern Rd. (Building C) - Asking $175,000, JUST REDUCED to $160,000

 3 Bedroom Town Home 2 1/2 Baths. This unit is has MANY beautiful features. New windows, furnishings, window treatments, hand made cupboard doors, Adirondack light fixtures and much more. Quick access to the indoor pool.


                                        Entrance30C- entrance.jpg 

                           Foyer               30C- Foyer 1.jpg             

                     Foyer into the Living Room

 30C- Foyer.jpg

                 Foyer into the Kitchen

30C- Foyer towards kitchen.jpg


 30C- Kitchen.jpg

                        Kitchen Bar Area

 30C- Kitchen Bar Area.jpg

                                Kitchen Cabinets

 30C- Kitchen Cabinets-1.jpg

                         Kitchen Cabinets

30C- Kitchen Cabinets.jpg

                               Kitchen Countertop

30C- Kitchen Countertop.jpg

                          Living Room Dining Area

 30C- Dining Area.jpg

                                   Living Space

30C Living Space.jpg

                               Living Area

30C Living Room Fireplace.jpg

                           Living Room Dining Area

 30C-Living Room Dining.jpg

                              Living Room

 30C- Fireplace.jpg


 30C- Fireplace 1.jpg

                                 Adirondack Drapes

 30C- Drapes Master Bdrm.jpg

                                    Master Bedroom

 30C- Master Bedroom.jpg

                             Master Bedroom

 30C- Master Bedroom 1.jpg

                                Second Bedroom

 30C- 2nd Bedroom.jpg

                                       Third Bedroom

 30C- 3rd Bedroom 1.jpg

                                    Third Bedroom

 30C- 3rd Bedroom.jpg

                                 Half Bath Downstairs

 30C- Half Bath Dnstrs.jpg

                             Hallway Bath Upstairs

 30C- Hallway Bath upstrs.jpg

                                Master Bath 

30C- Master Bathroom.jpg

                         Adirondack Towel Rack

 30C- Mstr Bath towel rack.jpg



 38 Freebern Rd. (Building F)- Asking $140,000 SOLD!

 This unit is near the community center where the indoor pool and sauna are located. The original owner, never been rented and is in good shape. 


 Bldg. F.jpg

                                      Bldg. F

 Bldg F sidewalk-new.jpg

                                 Deck View38F- back deck.jpg 


 38F- foyer.jpg



                 Kitchen/ Dining Area

38F- kitchen and dining room.jpg

                                 Dining Area

38F- dining room.jpg

                 Living Room/Dining Area

38F- living room dining.jpg


 38F- fireplace.jpg

                       Master Bedroom

 38F- master bedroom.jpg

                              Master Bedroom

 38F- master bedroom 1.jpg

                           2nd Bedroom

 38F- 2nd bedroom.jpg

                                 3rd Bedroom

38F- 3rd bedroom.jpg

                              Upstairs Hall Bath

38F- hall bath.jpg

                            Master Bath

 38F- master bath.jpg




39 Summit Ridge. (Building O)- Asking $188,000

3 Bedroom Town home 2 Full Baths w/Jacuzzi.This easy access unit has nice features such as pine doors, shuttle service right out the front door and convenient parking.


39-O entrance. jpg.JPG


39-O Kitchen. jpg.JPG

                             Kitchen/Dining Area

39-O kitchen diningroom.JPG

                                Dining Area

39-O Dining Room. jpg.JPG

                         Living Room/Dining Area

39-O living room. jpg.JPG

                       Living Room/Fireplace

39-O livingroom.JPG

                                     Master Bedroom

39-O Master bedroom. jpg.JPG

                           2nd Bedroom

39-O 2nd bedroom.JPG

                                  3rd Bedroom

39-O 3rd bedroom.JPG

                                Downstairs Bathroom

39-O downstairs bathroom. jpg.JPG

                     Upstairs Hall Bath w/ Jacuzzi

39-O Upstairs bath.JPG


39-O jacuzzi.JPG





 57 & 57A- Bldg. P Asking Price $210,000 SOLD and is in the process of getting a make over!

 A Great Rental opportunity! This can be rented 3 different ways! An awesome set up for multiple families! Call 1-866-672-1433 for more information. 

                        Entrance of the 3 Bdrm

57-P entrance. jpg.JPG

                    Kitchen of the 3 Bdrm Unit

 57-P kitchen.JPG

         Living Room Dining Area in the 3 Bdrm Unit

57-P dining room kitchen.JPG

               Living Room Area in the 3 Bdrm Unit

57-P Living room. jpg.JPG

                        Fireplace in the 3 Bdrm Unit

 57-P living room.JPG

             Master Bedroom in the 3 Bdrm Unit

 57-P master bedroom.JPG

                    2nd Bedroom in the 3 Bdrm Unit

 57-P 2nd bedroom.JPG

                      3rd Bedroom in the 3 Bdrm Unit

57-P 3rd Bedroom. jpg.JPG

           Downstairs Bathroom in the 3rd Bdrm Unit

 57-P Downstairs bath. jpg.JPG

                 Hall Bath in the 3 Bdrm Unit

57-P hallway bath. jpg.JPG

                  Master Bath in the 3 Bdrm Unit

 57-P master bathroom. jpg.JPG


                              1 Bdrm Entrance

 57A-P enterance.JPG

                 Living Room in the 1 Bdrm Unit

57A- living space new.jpg

                   Kitchen in the 1  Bdrm Unit

57A-P kitchen. jpg.JPG

      Living Room Dining Area in the 1 Bdrm Unit

 57A dining area new.JPG

                Master Bedroom in 1 Bdrm Unit

 57A- master bedroom 1 new.jpg

                   Master Bedroom in 1 Bdrm Unit

57A- master bedroom new.jpg

                        Jacuzzi in 1 Bdrm Unit

 57A- jacuzzi.JPG




On Site Community Center - Indoor Pool – Sauna - Game Room*ALL TOWNHOUSES ARE BEING SOLD FURNISHED(Including Furniture, Pots-Pans, Silverware, Washer/Dryer, Microwave, Etc. -Some personal items may be excluded - List to be provided)RCI Affiliation is possible allowing Summit Owners to trade their townhousefor vacations world wide. Ask for details!

P.O. Box 20 - North Creek, N.Y. 12853On Site Management Office - Community Center #33 (518) 251-4180 (Rentals & Sales Office)Erwin Morris / Licensed Real Estate Broker (518) 251-5809

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